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Ortho Biologics

Ortho Biologics

Orth Biologics refers to the processes by which specialized technology is used to create living, functional tissues to replace or repair tissue that has been lost due to damage, disease, or hereditary defects. For those struggling with limited mobility due to arthritis, injury, tendinopathy (disease of the tendons), or other forms of musculoskeletal inflammation, patients may be able to experience relief and avoid surgery by harnessing the healing potential of their own cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Commonly referred to as PRP, platelet rich plasma utilizes a patient’s own blood as a source of growth factors, proteins and natural anti-inflammatory agents. Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins that bind to the cells in your body and stimulate growth, healing, and repopulation. With this minimally invasive procedure, a doctor will draw the patient’s blood and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the blood into layers. The layer, which is rich with growth factors and platelets, is extracted and reintroduced into the damaged joint to encourage healing and reduce inflammation

Bone Marrow Aspirate

Bone marrow – the soft, spongy tissue found in the center of large bones – is composed of both fluid and solid matter. It is rich in growth factors and messenger cells. Unlike other cells in the body, these cells are able to replicate themselves into various types of tissue for healing. To utilize bone marrow to stimulate healing and regrowth in an arthritic joint, a doctor will extract bone marrow fluid (called aspirate) from a healthy bone in the body, generally the pelvis, and place it in a centrifuge to generate a concentration of powerful cells. These cells are then reintroduced into the arthritic joint to repair damaged tissue and decrease inflammation.

These procedures are some of the newest treatments available today. They offer patients a minimally invasive option to help relieve the pain of arthritis or injury and improve function. Our highly skilled medical doctors use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, including musculoskeletal ultrasound, high-definition on-site MRI, and X-ray, to obtain pinpoint accuracy during the procedures.

At Sportsmed we judiciously use these orthobiologics to enhance recovery and to help in faster healing of injured tissues.