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"Your health is our priority"

We adopt modern scientifically sound treatment methods to treat sports injuries. With our team of Well trained and experienced
Professionals with state-of-the-art equipment, we help to achieve your pre-injury levels and return to sport at the earliest

At the Sports Medicine division of Sports med, we work with all levels of athletes – from recreational to professional 

Our Sportsmed physiotherapy team is managed by a highly trained physiotherapist

In today’s competitive sports world even a slightest injury to a Sportsperson becomes a great set back to the team 

CNC Ortho Clinic – It is run in the premises of Sportsmed Coimbatore. We also provide orthopaedic consultation

Orth Biologics refers to the processes by which specialized technology is used to

We are specialist in providing world class treatment for sports injuries and joint ailments at affordable

Sport psychology offered by Sportsmed is an interdisciplinary science that draws on knowledge 

Sportsmed integrates the concepts of traditional sports nutrition, focused on exercise performance and recovery

Every day, athletes all across the world continue to break records and achieve the seemingly impossible.

Yoga in sports is indispensable and has become an inseparable part of training for sports players. 

As the life span of people increases so is the problems faced by the elderly. 

A Personal Trainer identifies the best exercises and support people to reach their fitness goals.