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Our Sportsmed physiotherapy team is managed by a highly trained physiotherapist who has worked with everyone from professional athletes to weekend runners. Advanced rehabilitation treatments are available, with an emphasis on injury prevention, management, and a safe return to the arena.

We Offer

We believe in an active approach to pain management. Exercise based interventions have the highest level of evidence in term of long-term effectiveness. We target specific muscle imbalances through individualized exercise programs.

Manual therapy techniques involve hands-on techniques to improve soft tissue mobility and hence achieve the goal of breaking adhesions and optimizing muscle function.

Dry needling is a technique that uses a “dry” needle, one without medication or injection, inserted through the skin into muscle trigger points. Our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling techniques to treat pain and movement impairments.

Taping helps in relieving pain, improving joint stability, enhancing athlete confidence and reducing injury recurrence. Our therapists are certified practitioners of various taping techniques for prevention of injuries and also as adjuncts to therapy for accelerated recovery from injuries.

Electrotherapy and local modalities are used to assist pain reduction and the natural healing response via an increase in energy (electrical, sound, light, magnetic, temperature). At Sportsmed Activ, we make use of Ultrasound and IFT for pain management.

We are committed to create awareness on how optimum movement patterns could help prevent injuries. In this pursuit, we deliver lectures at large corporates, schools and Government offices. We also conduct Geriatric Rehabilitation, Antenatal and Postnatal classes.