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Yoga for Sports

Yoga for Sports @ Sportsmed

Yoga has become an inseparable part of training for sports players. Whether you are an athlete, swimmer, tennis player or ballplayer, the role of yoga in sports is indispensable. If you are wondering why, come and explore the wide-ranging benefits that yoga has for sports.

Yoga teaches you to balance, be poised and disciplined. It makes your body fit enough to perform these moves. It also trains your mind to be patient and steady. How can it do that? Read on.

Yoga asanas help relax taut muscles. It also stretches and strengthens various body parts, opening the hips, back and chest. The different bends and stretches reduce the chance of wear and tear, muscle pulls and sprains.

Sleep and rest are not enough after a long and grueling physical session. Yoga helps you relax your tired body and mind in an effective and peaceful manner. This is because asanas are performed systematically and gracefully. This helps remove the tension in your body and enhances the chances of a quick recovery.

Asanas like the vrikshasana or tree pose and virabhadrasana or warrior pose help develop the balance in you. Poise and balance are required physically and mentally. Yoga also helps you maintain posture and stability as is required in gymnastics, archery, and shooting.

Yoga strengthens your mental resolve and stops the negative mental chatter. You believe you can go beyond your body with the strength of your mind

How yoga brightens the dark side of sports

Ask any sportsperson what his or her biggest nightmare is and you will probably hear a unanimous chorus – INJURY! Nothing can be as difficult as sitting on the bench, or lying in a hospital when championships are underway. This is another reason for yoga and sports to go hand in hand.

Yoga helps you sport a smile on the road back

Even a few months out of the sports scene is equivalent to years of a setback in the world of sports. Your body needs time to recover to prevent recurrence, or worse, escalation. Many times, just resting may not be enough to get back to your original form and fitness