Injury prevention in sports


In a hugely populated country like India, the data regarding sports injuries is surprisingly very sparse.

We see  a lot of elite athletes whose careers are cut short by injuries, even more is the number of players who fail to reach such levels because of injuries.

Sports injuries are either acute or chronic and recurring injuries. The important injury prevention measures in both  include Warm Up, Stretching, Strengthening, Taping and Bracing, Appropriate Training, Psychology and Nutrition.

Warm up : Sports Specific Warm up done atleast 30 mins prior to sports

Stretching :  Dynamic stretching after warm up,gently and slowly,not upto pain, taking care not to stretch injured tissue.

Adequate strength training, Nutrition to cater to the needs of the individual and psychological support are also important in preventing injuries.

Our strategy to prevent these injuries have four steps

  1. Identifying the extent of the problem
  2. Establishing the cause and mechanism of these injuries
  3. Introducing a preventive measure.
  4. Assessing the effectiveness of it.

“ Prevention is Better than Cure” is the mantra at Sportsmed Coimbatore, and we adopt scientifically proven methods aimed at reducing sports injuries.

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